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It’s safe to say the hospitality business is in Mike Evertsen’s blood. After all, he’s been involved since the age of thirteen and worked his way through college in the service industry. As a SPH Partner, Mike works diligently to make sure the cash flows and the company is positioned for continued growth. Mike is also the Founder and CEO of LifeTek Orthobiologics(LTO), an international manufacturer of orthopedic and neurosurgical implants, headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico.

Mike Evertsen

“Serial entrepreneur” turned “serial restaurateur” Chris Hadermann is Southern Proper’s conceiver, focused on creating cool concepts centered around food, wine and conversation. The co-founder and partner of Southern Proper, Chris is the go-to man responsible for charting the company’s strategy, direction and development of all Southern Proper's concepts .

Chris Hadermann

What happens when a 19-year old college student makes a $500 investment in a school newspaper enterprise? If you’re John Piemonte, you parlay it into a million-dollar business that launches your career creating successful companies. These days, as co-founder/partner, he has limited those businesses to the hospitality industry. As director of strategic planning, he has his pulse on every aspect of the business from innovation and R&D to culinary, operations, sales & marketing, concept development, growth and brand management.

John “JP” Piemonte

Keeping a close eye on Southern Proper’s financials and information systems, Director of Finance, Kyle Sims is charged with maintaining the company’s fiscal integrity and accuracy. The former Six Flags theme park Controller finds Southern Proper to be a perfect fit to achieving his personal career goals. The self-proclaimed picky eater even enjoys the added bonus of being able to try new foods … and liking them.

Kyle Sims
Director of Finance

Iraida was inspired to get into the restaurant business so that she could equip teams to deliver a fun and exciting guest experience. As human resources manager, she aims to make Southern Proper an employer of choice by increasing employee engagement, setting people up for success and keeping employees happy and aligned with the company’s vision. In her free time, the Georgia State University grad takes advantage of the city’s diverse food scene by dining out and attending festivals with her husband, and participating in craft activities with her son.

Iraida Alicea
Human Resources Manager

After 26 years in the District of Columbia, Janice L. Conner took at leap of faith to move to Atlanta and oversee Southern Proper’s event sales department. Along with a main goal of increasing revenue, she is most excited about cultivating the careers of the company’s event sales managers to help them reach and exceed their professional goals. Janice learned early on that she can impact lives through hospitality--both on the job and through community service and activism. When off the clock, she enjoys exploring her new city and discovering its rich food scene, high-energy workouts at Orange Theory and reading.

Janice L. Conner
National Director of Sales

As a designer, entrepreneur, and a former gallery owner, Kim has worked with 100’s of creative people to design interesting and often “out of the box” creations. She is inspired by color, light, and nature. SPH is a fast paced, challenging, and inspiring addition to Kim’s life. With new concepts always on her desk, she enjoys seeing her ideas take shape and grow. When not designing hospitality environments, you can find Kim hiking, biking, and kayaking with her son, husband and three dogs.

Kim Fong

A Florida State grad, Dani puts her Master’s Degree in Marketing to good use as Corporate Marketing Manager. Dani leads the marketing efforts for SPH restaurants which includes social media and digital presence, graphic design and photography, coordination of marketing events, community involvement, and growing brand awareness.

Dani Alvarez
Corporate Marketing Manager

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